Work hard(ly), play hard(er)

Although most of my time is taken up by clinical medicine with a little research and teaching superimposed on the two best jobs I've ever had: being a husband and a dad, I do have a number of extracurricular interests.

I spend a good deal of time studying, training and refining applications-based martial arts, including Goshin Jitsu as well as jeet kune do and Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Jack McVicker. I've also trained muay thai (Thai kick boxing) with the Peoria Athletic Club and now Dragon Leg muay thai with Top Level Gym. I boxed for a short while and studied two different styles of karate in my youth.

I enjoy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Rifts and Champions. I've worked on campaigns, such as Mindsgate (a dungeon built inside the mind of madman) and the Last City (a city whose commerce is the ferrying of souls to the afterlife), as well as one-shots such as Golemechs (giant golem battle suits versus both sides of the Blood War). I've also played in campaigns like Fyrblud, a saga of the battle between our characters homeland and a despotic dragon. I completed dungeon mastering "season 1" of Kingmakers and Godslayers where the characters are launched through time and space as they attempt to conquer a fallen empire under a dying sun.

I read a lot of books (sci-fi, martial arts non-fiction, philosophy, ethics, medicine texts, strength and conditioning, and graphic novels) and watch movies (Akira Kurosawa, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, John Carpenter, Ang Lee, and Peter Jackson).